A Fan-Made Final Destination 6 Concept Trailer Gets the Producer Involved


We avoid the fan-made stuff here.  All too often fan-made materials are mistaken as something “legit” and I’d rather not take the time writing more stories about how it’s “not legit.”  Today, however, I’ll bend for this concept trailer for Final Destination 6.

Yeah, I’m kind of surprised New Line hasn’t announced that sequel already (we’re overdue).  Producer Craig Perry, however, spoke to a fan about the notion of one and it inspired said fan (with good editing skills) to cut a concept trailer together.  Not sure where the dialogue between Perry and fan Alexander McNeill took place, but here’s what the latter had to say to set up the trailer.

Here’s something fun. Final Destination producer Craig Perry and I discussed a possible direction the franchise could take. It inspired this edit of a concept trailer for a sixth Final Destination movie. The trailer is a mix of over 20 different films and TV shows. The idea is to draft behind GAME OF THRONES and set it in the 12th century. Here’s a look at what a next FINAL DESTINATION might look like…

Mind you, this does not mean Final Destination 6 is happening.  This is just a concept.  And kind of a neat one at that.  A period piece?  Oh, imagine the most glorious ways people can get torns to bits…

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