Exclusive Concept Art & Photo: Meet Zombot T-35 from Frankenstein’s Army!

Frankenstein’s Army is opening this Friday, July 26th, in theaters and on VOD and we’ve got your introduction to one of the film’s “Zombots,” one of the many truly bizarre “soldiers.”  The one you’ll find after the jump is called T-35.  Check out a production sketch and his on-screen counterpart inside.  Here’s a little bio:

Aleksandr Pirogov joined the Red Army to serve Mother Russia, but after being killed by SS troops, his mammoth corpse found its way to Frankenstein’s operating table. There, the doctor covered the lumbering giant with the insignia of the very soldiers who killed him, and equipped “Test #35” with an experimental cannon capable of blasting its way through entire armies. 

Directed by Richard Raaphorst, Frankenstein’s Army is set in the waning days of World War II where a team of Russian soldiers finds itself on a mysterious mission to the lab of one Dr. Victor Frankenstein. They unearth a terrifying Nazi plan to resurrect fallen soldiers as an army of unstoppable freaks and are soon trapped in a veritable haunted house of cobbled-together monstrosities.

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