Director Rodney Ascher and Producer Tim Kirk Talk Room 237

Today sees the New York City release of director Rodney Ascher’s innovative documentary Room 237 which, constructed entirely from existing footage, offers multiple in-depth critical analyses of Stanley Kubrick’s legendary Stephen King adaptation, The Shining. Although the feature is jam-packed with historical facts about the production, the real intrigue comes from detailed theories about Kubrick’s true motivations for making the film, including one man’s (unnervingly convincing) suspicion that The Shining is about Kubrick’s own personal demons that arose from faking the moon landing). sat down to speak with Ascher and producer Tim Kirk to discuss the origins of the project and the decision to build an entire feature without shooting a single frame. As you can watch in the flipcam interview after the break, Ascher nods to Red Letter Media’s online breakdown of the Star Wars prequels and offers the reminder that the “found footage” genre needn’t be synonymous with horror fiction.

Room 237 is in theaters now in New York city and will open in Los Angeles April 5th.

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