Our Podcast Returns! Listen to Shock Waves 2.1 Now!

About six months ago, FEARnet‘s Lawrence Raffel and myself put the all-horror podcast we had been collaborating on, called Shock Waves, on hold.

A few factors into its hiatus (we knocked out 18 episodes consistently from July 2011 to January of this year), but nothing ever stays dead in this genre so we both agreed it was time to bring Shock Waves back, especially after the listener feedback asking when it would return.

Here’s the rub.  All of our old episodes, from “season 1” we’ll call them, are gone.  Lost to the Internet.  Don’t ask me where they went, but they no longer exist, sadly.  We’re starting “season 2” with a clean slate you might say.

In this installment, we’re getting back into the groove of things.  We look at various horror movies we’ve liked and disliked in 2012 so far.  We also weigh in on the Korean import Deranged, now playing in select theaters.

Brian Collins (from BadAss Digest, Horror Movie a Day) swings by for a discussion about Halloween 4 and Halloween 5, two titles making their Blu-ray debut this month from Anchor Bay Entertainment.  How do the sequels featuring the iconic horror villain Michael Myers hold up?  Oh, we’ll tell you…

All of this and much more in the Shock Waves relaunch!  Listen inside.

We’re currently at work at re-introduce Shock Waves to the iTunes store, so hold tight!  Music for this episode is provided by Paul Haslinger (Vacancy), John Carpenter (Vampires), John Murphy (28 Weeks Later).
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