Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem, The Bay to Premiere at TIFF’s Midnight Madness


News fresh from the Twitter-sphere.  As you know, the Toronto International Film Festival is quickly approaching and we’ve been eagerly anticipating the Midnight Madness line-up, which never disappoints.  

This morning, the official Twitter account for Midnight Madness unveiled the titles participating in the program this year and, man oh man, it’s a doozy.

It appears Dredd 3D is making the festival rounds before it opens September 21st.  Not only is the film playing to Fantastic Fest audiences in September, but it’s now a Midnight Madness selection as well.

Confirming what we’ve been telling you for the last month, Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem will make its premiere.  So will Hellbenders 3D, the latest film from The Burrowers’ JT Petty which stars Clancy Brown.

Also expect Ryuhei Kitamura’s No One Lives, the remake of Who Can Kill a Child? which is called Come Out and Play, the ABCs of Death anthology, Seven Psychopaths and Don Coscarelli’s John Dies at the End.

And last, but not least, Barry Levinson’s found footage creature feature The Bay will also make its debut.

We’ll have more on Midnight Madness as it comes in!

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