The Dark Shadows Trailer is Here, Sort Of


Although we are still hours away from the official online release of the Dark Shadows trailer, an Ellen Degeneres Show viewer taped the preview’s television premiere this afternoon.  

Yes, it’s a bootlegged version and raw, but you get the idea of what’s coming, and it is…bizarre.  Definitely favoring humor over horror and not at all what the die-hard Dark Shadows television show fans are accustomed to.

It’s wholeheartedly embracing the “fish out of water” tale which finds Johnny Depp’s Barnabas Collins being freed from his imprisonment in the 1970s.  (“What sorcery is this?!” he sneers as he watches a television for the first time.) Still not certain if this is a “summer movie,” but I kind of like what I’m seeing.  I’ll say this: I’d much rather see director Tim Burton tackle bizarre, risky projects like this than do an Alice in Wonderland-like project again.

We will update this spot as soon as the hi-res version comes in.


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