Bret Easton Ellis Planning Sequel for American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman?


If you haven’t been paying attention to author Bret Easton Ellis’ Twitter feed, you should, because you might just be witnessing the beginning of a sequel to his famous tome, American Psycho.

A few days ago, Ellis began with: “Sitting at my desk finishing a script and suddenly I’m making notes on where Patrick Bateman’s now.”  He continued on, mapping out where Bateman’s life could be…and he made it sound like, yes, it could very well be a good time to see the maniac’s return.

Ellis updated: “Maybe I’ll call my publishers on Monday,” adding, “But have to figure out what the structure is.”

Head inside for a lot more!

If this American Psycho sequel pans out I’d get in touch with my agent first but will have to spend the weekend seeing if it works.”

These were followed by:

“How would Patrick Bateman deal with the notion of transparency? Or did he already deal with it in the original? Thoughts as I write notes…”

“Patrick would post pics of murdered girls on Facebook and either no one would notice or post “Fuck yeah” and that’s what I’m thinking about.”

I’ve three pages on where Patrick Bateman is now and where he came from. The most violent scene is in a sorority where PB rapes/kills 12…”

“Patrick’s iPad would start speaking to him… Telling him Adele’s cover of The Cure drove him to killing, well, just about everybody…”

“Patrick would go on a very long dissertation about Coldplay’s oeuvre… His favorite song being Fix You…”

“Patrick’s ideal threesome: Chris Brown and Rihanna…”

Other highlights from Ellis’ free-flowing Twitter notes session: Patrick’s favorite movies are The Help, Hostel 2 and Chicago, he would use Blendr, he hates the show Dexter because they “stole his name,” 

And after 14 pages or so of notes, Ellis signed off, inspired…  Who’s ready for a proper sequel to the book?

I’ll take that over Lionsgate’s planned remake of the film starring Christian Bale (which is in development).