The Waking Returns to Comics With Dreams End


It seems like every week I’m coming to you with news about a new zombie comic headed to the shelves.  This time, however, I can attest to the fact that this one will be quality.

Two years ago a mini series from Zeneoscope came out known as The Waking which took the zombie genre and turned it on its head. The dead aren’t just rising, they’re rising to kill the pople that killed them, and this April we’re getting the follow-up series The Waking: Dreams End.

Raven Gregory, the writer of one of my favorite on-going horror title The Theater, returns to pen the book with art by Novo Malgapo.

“In The Waking, we established all the rules but in Dreams End, we find someone who has found a way to break those rules,” Gregory told Newsarama. “And now the stakes are raised to a higher level and it’s really going to mess with fan’s minds.”

You’ve heard it from the writer, now hear it from me: I’m confident that this mini-series will be a delight to all horror fans, and I need to go dig up my copies of the original series soon.