Limited Theatrical Run Planned for I Love You To Death


Lloyd Lee Barnett’s debut independent film, I Love You To Death will have a limited theatrical release early this spring.

Produced, written, and directed by visual FX vet Lloyd Barnett, the film was formerly known as Death Do Us Part.

The romantic horror film revolves around the maddening psychosis of Clay Foster and his dead wife Lily. Clay keeps his wife’s corpse, while investigating the mystery of her murder. Clay pleads with Death on three different nights to let him keep Lily. Is it Lily for which Death has come? His movie caught the eye of Producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis, who has now come on as an executive producer.

“Lloyd is extremely talented and I was very impressed with his writing, directing and the film’s visual effects,” says DeLaurentiis.

The movie stars Travis Mendenhall, Shannon O’Dowd, and John Klemantaski. Additional producers include Brian A. Jones, Samuel Keirzenblat, and Tim and Sandy Lawson. For a trailer, visit