Promo Art, Details for Carrie the Musical’s Return


Over a decade ago, when yours truly was living in New York City and had a foot in the world of Broadway, someone passed along to me two audio cassettes containing a recording of the first performance of Carrie the Musical in the late ’80s before it tanked.  I wish I still had those now; somewhere along the way, they were forgotten during a move.

It wasn’t the worst thing I had ever heard, but it wasn’t good.  I wonder if Carrie’s return to Manhattan is going to fare any better.  Performances kick off at the end of this month and the venue, the MCC Theater, has released some nifty promo art which you’ll find inside.

If you head to this spot, you’ll find various videos, ticket information and more.  Anyone living in the area planning on checking this out?

Meanwhile, if you haven’t heard, a new feature film is in the works.