LEGO Unleashes Its Own Monster Fighters


Right now the 2012 Toyfair is happening in London, England. While the domestic convention won’t happen for about three more weeks there’s still the promise of exciting news coming from this convention across the pond.

Not a lot has come out thus far, but the biggest players right now are LEGO revealing their planned sets for Marvel, Lord of the Rings, and the more appropriate “Monster Fighters series”.  The series focuses on a group of Ghostbuster-esque “Monster Fighters” going head-to-head against some of the classic (but not offically Universal) monsters!

The list of confirmed sets includes Werewolf, Frankenstein monster with the Doctor, Dracula with his bride, Swamp Monster, Mummy with skeletal horse, and a Ghost train.

Each set will include a different “Monster Fighter” going up against said monsters.

Personally I cannot wait for these to come out. I was always a huge Lego fan growing up and now that they’re bringing these three licenses to shelves and with the newly-released DC Comics line I think I’m going to go back to my roots.

Source: Blogomatic 3000