Mireille Enos: World War Z Might End Zombie Genre


Is World War Z going to be the zombie movie of all zombies movies?

In scope, it’s going to be pretty huge.  We’re talking about a studio-funded undead tale here (a rare thing), with Brad Pitt starring and Quantum of Solace helmer Marc Forster adapting Max Brooks’ novel, so, they’re throwing money at it to make this an “event” picture.

In talking with E! News, actress Mireille Enos (who plays Pitt’s wife in the flick) played the film up real good, addressing the buzz that World War Z will pave the way for a trilogy.  She also had some other interesting things to say about how the film might impact the zombie sub-genre.

Concerning the “trilogy” talk, she said:

“It was [going to be] from the beginning.  That was the hope, that if the first one turned out the way we all anticipate, that it would be great to turn it into a trilogy. It’s exciting.”

And, she added:

“It’s like zombies are the new vampires.  It’s taking over. But somebody said to me this movie might end the zombie genre because, after this, what else is there to do? It’s huge!”

I highly doubt World War Z will “end” the sub-genre, but I wonder if the film will send it back into hibernation as audiences grow tired of seeing the undead on the big and small screen.

The film opens in theaters December 21 from Paramount.