Black Rock Lands Distribution Out of Sundance


Katie Aselton’s Black Rock is going to get picked up for release by LD Distribution, says Deadline.  

The film screened last night at the Sundance Film Festival and was at the center of a bidding war.

Starring Kate Bosworth, Lake Bell and Aseltton stars as three childhood friends set aside their personal issues and reunite for a girls’ weekend on a remote island off the coast of Maine. One wrong move turns their weekend getaway into a deadly fight for survival.

Mark Duplass penned the script; he previously scripted The Puffy Chair, Baghead and Cyrus.

Early reviews of Black Rock have ranged from mediocre to bad.

Devin Faraci at Bad Ass Digest said, “BLACK ROCK is rote garbage that shows enormous condescension to horror.”  Elsewhere, Eric Vespe at AICN wrote, “A great movie day ended on a sour note. Black Rock’s Katie Aselton said the script was written in 18 hours. Yep, sure felt like it.”

Deadline says LD Distribution is aiming for a theatrical release, so stay tuned for release details.