Warner Bros. Adaptation of The Stand Lands a Writer


Writing an adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand is no easy task, so hats off to the screenwriter to tackle such a feat.  That man is apparently going to be David Kajganich, who was hired by The Stand‘s director Ben Affleck.

According to Vulture, the writer has a fan in Warner Bros., the studio behind the project.  He also penned an adaptation of King’s IT, which Warner Bros. loved.

Kajganich only has two credits to his name.  The 2007 Invasion of the Body Snatcher‘s redo, The Invasion, and Blood Creek, an early Michael Fassbender/Henry Cavill flick about Nazis and the occult.  One of those is terrible, one is an overlooked gem, in my opinion.  Care to guess which is which?

The Stand has been brought to the screen once already in a television mini-series directed by Mick Garris.

Source: Vulture