There’s a Werewolf On the Hood of This Car! New Game of Werewolves Poster


Taking a cue from Teen Wolf (probably not), the werewolf in this latest one-sheet for the Spanish horror-comedy Game of Werewolves is doing a bit of car roof surfing.  Fun, yes, but we’ve been reporting on this title for so long, I think it is about time we see the damn film.

Known overseas as Lobos de Arga, the film is is directed by Juan Martínez Moreno.   Synopsis: After 15 years, Tomas, a not very successful writer, comes back to the village in Galicia where his family comes from, Arga, apparently to get an award. But he doesn’t know the real reason why he is there, to end with an old curse that is been haunting the village for the last hundred years. 

Head inside for a larger version of the poster…