Monster Machine to Continue Making Animal Mash-Up Movies


When Sharktopus came out, a local radio station out here in L.A. ran an on-air skit about a bunch of guys making tacky monster movies featuring animal hybrids proving just how ridiculous you can get with these movies.  

Monster Machine is making that skit a reality.

The co-producers of Sharktopus, Dinoshark and Shark Swarm – Stephen Niver and Robert James Roessel – have founded Monster Machine and this production outfit will roll out a slate of creature features like Arachnaconda, Grizzligator, Sea Scorpions and Maneater Mountain.

Shark Swarm team David Rosiak and Matthew Chernov will develop the films with Monster Machine; most of the projects will come in around the $1-3 million range.

Arahnaconda is the first rolling into production with Lou Diamond Phillips, Maria Conchita Alonso and Brett Wagner starring.

Source: Variety