What is Next for the Director of Pontypool?


The film that topped my best of 2009 list, Pontypool, made me keep a close on the directing career of Bruce McDonald.

Sadly, he has not done a horror film since that Canadian gem and has dabbled mostly in the world of television, short films and documentaries.  

There were talks of a Pontypool 2, but it never came together and probably won’t ever come to fruition.  McDonald’s absence from the genre might end, however, as he is awaiting a green light on a new thriller.

According to The Chronicle Herald, he has a $25 million project in the works called Dark Highway.

Nicolas Cage may star and, says the Herald, it’s about “a man who is being chased but can’t distinguish between reality and imagination.”

In the meantime, he’s also at work on a Western story based on a Canadian novel, however, he will not divulge which book is being adapted.

Source: The Chronicle Herald