Lange Returning for American Horror Story Season 2?


Over the weekend, FX top dog John Landgraf revealed two or three actors from American Horror Story season one would be returning for season two, but in different roles.  Jessica Lange spoke to the press last night shortly after scoring a Golden Globe for her turn as “Constance” on the show and she commented on the possibilities of returning.

From, Lange told the press:

“Yes, we are considering a second season. Nothing is definite yet…I know that everybody that is returning will be playing a different character.” Lange also voiced her appreciation for her work on the FX series: “I rarely see a script that excites me,” she said. “But with American Horror Story, every time we would get a new [script], they would have written something for me that was really exciting and challenging.”

So, nothing confirmed yet.  I’ll be curious to see if creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk will keep “Constance” as a focal point of the series.

Source: “DJ Black,”