Elske McCain Teams With Deadgirl Writer, Star for Is Anyone There?


Elske McCain is pleased to announce that her latest film, Is Anyone There?, is gearing up for production late in 2012.

Is Anyone There? revolves around the story of an abused woman on the run who gets more than she bargains for when she stumbles upon an old Ouija board. 

“After the difficulties encountered with the production and release of Jessicka Rabid, I decided that I wanted to star and produce a totally different type of horror movie,” says McCain.  “I combined inspiration from my one of my favorite directors Kevin Tenney [Night of the Demons, Witchboard], and have established and written a unique story that should excite horror fans new and old. I had originally written it to be a low budget Troma style picture, but after tremendous support from other respected producers and directors, I believe this project will be headed in a much bigger and better direction.”

Is Anyone There? is the second film to be produced by Elske’s own production company Dahlia Jade Productions.

Though the film will be funded by the producers,there will be an upcoming Indiegogo page developed in order to attain funds to pay our talent, which includes DEADGIRL writer and CHOP director Trent Haaga, and the “deadgirl” herself, Jenny Spain.

The film will be shooting in Tucson, Arizona, and casting for supporting roles will be announced as production nears. Directed by relative newcomer Hugh Jardon, who has worked on such local productions as Necromentia, directed by Pearry Teo.

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