Piranha 3D, Sorority Row Writer to Bring Us Crawlspace


Josh Stolberg is at work on a new thriller entitled Crawlspace and the very first image from the production has surfaced; the photo demonstrates the extreme use of a garbage disposal and you’ll find a larger version of the image on the left after the jump.

The film has quietly been moving forward under the title Hideaway, but somewhere in its development the moniker changed.

Stolberg, if you recall, co-penned Piranha 3D and Sorority Row.  His latest effort puts him in the director’s seat of a rather low-budget production which is geared for the VOD producer Vuguru.

Crawlspace‘s cast includes Steve Weber (The Shining, Desperation), Jonathan Silverman, Lori Loughlin, Nicole Moore and Sterling Beaumon.  According to a report from Co-Create, the film – presumably not a remake of the films from ’72 and ’86 carrying the same name – is about “a killer terrorizing a family living in his foreclosed house.”

For more about Vuguru and their productions, follow this link.

Crawlspace photo

Source: Fastcocreate