Shock Video Interview: Ti West & Sara Paxton on The Innkeepers


Ti West had already earned considerable respect among horror fans from his early movies, but with 2009’s The House of the Devil, he broke out to new audiences thanks to Magnet Releasing’s Video on Demand distribution. Suddenly, Ti West had fans (and a few detractors) among the film community at large. For his follow-up The Innkeepers, he teamed with Sara Paxton, another horror movie veteran after starring in The Last House on the Left and Shark Night 3D.

Paxton and Pat Healy (Great World of Sound) play Claire and Luke, the young caretakers of the Yankee Pedlar Inn, an old hotel in Connecticut with a lot of history as well as strange supernatural occurrences attributed to the ghost of Madeline O’Malley, who was murdered at the hotel centuries earlier. The Yankee Pedlar is about to close for good, giving them one last chance to try to record proof of the inn’s haunting, though they soon find themselves way over their heads. The film also stars ‘80s screen icon Kelly McGillis, who was so great in Jim Mickle’s Stakeland last year. sat down with Ti and Sara a couple weeks back and in the exclusive video interview below, you can see and hear them talk about:

  • How the movie came about.
  • How the actual Yankee Pedlar played into the production.
  • Why the project interested Sara.
  • The logistics of shooting the movie with an indie budget.
  • How the ending of House of the Devil changed due to budget.
  • How Ti’s able to make such a cinematic movie on a low budget.
  • More on shooting at the Yankee Pedlar.
  • Developing Sara’s character.
  • The acting style known as “Costanza.”
  • Sara’s co-stars Pat Healy and Kelly McGillis’ improvisation.

And lots more!  You can also read about some of Ti’s upcoming projects here.

The Innkeepers is now playing on Video on Demand, but if you’re patient, you can see it in theaters in select cities starting February 3. You can see the full list of locations where it will be playing here.