Vincenzo Natali Circling Reverse Ghost Tale Haunter?


Vincenzo Natali is not in director jail, thankfully.  Given the oddity – and box office dud – that was Splice, which yielded a divisive reaction from audience, I thought for sure we would not seeing Natali for a couple of years.  He has a new film cooking, however, and if the reports are true, he’ll begin shooting in March.

Hopping on the supernatural bandwagon, Natali is poised to direct Haunter.

Written by Brian King, the film tells of a young woman and her family who were killed in their home.  Their ghosts remain in this abode and the young girl haunts and possesses the daughter of the new family that lives there “in an attempt to save her” from danger.

So, it’s a story told from a ghostly perspective akin to Beetlejuice and American Horror Story.  Knowing Natali, he should do something interesting with it…

Source: Bloody-Disgusting