Juan of the Dead Finds American Distributor


The festival favorite horror-comedy Juan of the Dead is poised to make a splash in the U.S.  A distributor has stepped up to the plate and will be pushing the film to across various VOD services this year.

Focus Features acquired the zom-com by director  Alejandro Brugues.  The company is debuting a digital distribution arm, Focus World, for films like Juan and it intends to release the film via VOD outlets like iTunes, Xbox, Playstation, etc.

No release date has been set.  Focus World kicks off in February.

Synopsis: 50 years after the Cuban Revolution, a new one is about to begin. That revolution is zombies; filthy flesh-eating zombies. The Cubans face a large enough challenge dealing with a zombie infestation (allegedly started by U.S.-backed radical groups), but their procrastinating hero Juan (Alexis Diaz de Villegas) has to overcome his lazy lifestyle to save the world. At first, Juan doesn’t pay the growing chaos in Havana any mind. When the rampant “social order disturbances” escalate and start to affect his routine, however, he realizes that the perpetrators are not in fact “dissidents” but rather are bonefide walking dead. Sensing an opportunity for a fast buck, he bands together a ragtag militia and commercializes a zombie cleaning service, Juan of the Dead, to rid households of unwanted, undead loved ones.

Source: Variety