Underworld Awakening Presents a New Beginning


Perhaps Screen Gems should have called Underworld Awakening “a new beginning” as it sounds like the fourth film in the franchise will kick off a new spate of sequels.

Shock Till You Drop spoke to Awakening directors Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein this afternoon and they had something very interesting to say that will keep fans intrigued.

When asked if Awakening will kick off a new Underworld trilogy, Stein informed us their chapter, “is the beginning of something new.  I’ll say that our ending is totally leaving the door open for a future.”

Whether Marlind and Stein will be involved in the future of the Underworld franchise remains to be seen.  Their installment opens on January 20 and picks up many, many years after Underworld: Evolution.

While they put the finishing touches on Awakening, the two said they’re looking at a bevy of future projects, big and small, but nothing is locked down yet.