This Art Feartures a Glimmer of the Past

Didn’t long-haired spooky girls disappear with the poor box office returns of The Grudge 2 and The Ring Two?  Apparently not, as the sales art for Glimmer relies on just that.  Take a look inside.

The thriller stars Amy Smart, Shawn Roberts and Laura Ramsey.  Michael Hurst was once attached to directed, however, George Bessudo of Lake Dead stepped in to helm this supernatural tale.  To refresh your memory, you’ll find the full synopsis past this image.

                                                 Glimmer Sales Art Amy Smart Shawn Roberts

When 16 year old Annie Tuttle takes a walk at her lake front home she spots a young girl standing on the ice covered lake. As Lucy falls through the ice Annie hurries to rescue her, and sees a figure at the center of the lake the figure seems to shimmer and disappear before her eyes.

Nine years later Annie is happily married to Jack Cole. Annie gets a letter which reads: “It’s going to kill you. Come alone”. The letter leads her to the Granger Institute and Lucy Talbot – the girl from the lake. Lucy explains that the GLIMMER will never let her live.

Outside, Annie meets up with Gabe, the local deputy and a former boyfriend. In Lucy’s room, Annie and Gabe discover two pictures and a page torn from a book dating back to 1698 in them, the figure of Eldridge Peck appears a man executed for being a witch.

Meanwhile, Annie has discovered a link between the Peck family and her husband Jack.

Annie must race against time to save herself and her unborn child from the GLIMMER.


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