A Look Inside Niles, Wrightson’s Frankenstein, Alive, Alive


In 1983, legendary artist Bernie Wrightson’s vision of Mary Shelley’s classic tale “Frankenstein” was published.  His art.  Her words.  The Marvel-released, what is now called, “Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein” was a lavishly illustrated tome that what critically hailed and inspired many artists.

Wrightson is returning to the Frankenstein mythos with a new 2012 project called “Frankenstein, Alive, Alive” with Steve Niles…and a few pages from that title have been leaked.

Granted, Niles was the one who released the pages below, via his Facebook account (so it’s not like they were revealed without permission).  But we’re glad he did.

“Frankenstein, Alive, Alive” is a 13-issue series IDW Publishing will release sometime next year.  It picks up where Shelley’s story left off, “telling the story from Frankenstein’s perspective,” as the publisher says.

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