Producer Offers Update on New The Ring, The Grudge Films


Progress report on updating the J-horror adaptations

Roy Lee is looking to revisit two horror franchises that put him on the Hollywood map.

Shock recently visited the Los Angeles set of 7500 – one of Lee’s most recent efforts that pairs him with Ju-On/Grudge director Takashi Shimizu. There, Lee revealed to us that he was “looking to do a new version of The Grudge.”

He stressed, “We haven’t decided exactly what [the approach] will be. We’ve just put it out to film community that we’re hearing takes from writers.” The last installment in the series, The Grudge 3, went direct to DVD in 2009.

Fans of The Ring series, however, have not seen a new film since 2005 when The Ring Two was released. Lee hopes to remedy that absence with a new installment. “For The Ring, we’re actually having a script written to see if it works in terms of trying to restart a Ring franchise.”

Both American Ring films, starring Naomi Watts, collectively grossed over $200 million worldwide.

Lee also provided Shock with a status on The Swarm remake he was attached to produce: “Like The Grudge reboot, we were just hearing takes on it nothing further than that.”

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor