Cow Explodes, Busy Suffers in Piranha 3DD


Who does the actor play?

Empire Magazine caught up to Gary Busey to learn more about the actor’s turn in Piranha 3DD.

We offered you a first look at Busey in the sequel during our AFM coverage. What he had to say about his part is short, but it gives you an idea of where the film is leaning in regards to comedy.

“I play a farmer. A cow explodes because of its farting ability and out of it come hundreds of piranha, raining down on me. You’ll see how I treat one of them,” he told Empire.

Okey-dokey. Definitely sounds like a film that came from the writing-directing team of Patrick Melton, Marcus Dunstan and John Gulager!

No word on an official release for the film – since it was bumped from this month – but we are hearing January…

Source: Empire