Unintentionally Funny Stormhouse Coming to DVD


Art, details inside!

During our wrap-up of this year’s Screamfest coverage, I picked on Stormhouse a little bit. But I couldn’t help it. Dull and unintentionally funny, the movie – directed by Dan Turner – deserved it. You’ll now known why because Lionsgate Home Entertainment is bringing the supernatural thriller to DVD on February 7. Special features include a making-of featurette.

Synopsis: In 2002, the United States military captured a mysterious entity at the secret underground base, Stormhouse. Believed to be supernatural, a ghost whisperer named Hayley (Flynn) is brought into the facility in the final days of experiments to attempt to communicate with the entity. But Hayley’s arrival triggers a chain of events that lead to a disastrous escape of the creature and the humans among it fighting for their lives.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor