Bruce Campbell Addresses Ash-Less Evil Dead


Uncertain about cameo

Bruce Campbell visited the TV Guide set to predominantly discuss Burn Notice, however, he was asked about the upcoming remake of The Evil Dead.

We’ve included the whole video interview below, but extracted what he had to say about Evil Dead and the lack of an Ash character.

“We are going to remake it, the original. And people are a little iffy about that,” he said. “We wanted to remake a movie that would have better effects, we’re better at telling stories now, and so we found a young filmmaker, Fede Alvarez, who is from Uruguay who is going to direct the thing. There’s no Ash character in it. That pisses people off, because like “How can you have Evil Dead without Ash?” We didn’t want to have the direct comparison. You put Ash and all those characters in it, “Oh, that guy was okay.” I wouldn’t want to put an actor in that position.”

When pressed for details about a possible cameo, he seemed reluctant to say he’s definitely doing one. But perhaps there’s an “Old Farmer” role for him…

Source: TV Guide