Pair of Shimizu Films Get U.S. Distro


Shock Labyrinth and…

Well Go USA has preemptively acquired all North American distribution rights including theatrical, DVD, Digital, VOD and Television to the upcoming 3D horror thriller Tormented, formerly known as Rabbit Horror 3D (watch the trailer here), from Hong Kong/Netherlands-based Fortissimo Films.

They have simultaneously also acquired all rights to Shock Labyrinth.

Both films were directed by edgy auteur Takashi Shimizu, best known for the original 2002 Japanese hit Ju-On and Marebito.

Tormented will premiere at the upcoming Venice Film Festival in Official Selection Midnight. It has just been announced that it also has been selected for Official Competition at the Sitges Film Festival, the world’s foremost fantasy and horror film festival to be held in October this year.

Source: Press Release