Witchboard Remake Finally Moving Forward?

Writer and director revealed

Around the time Night of the Demons was being shot, I was picking up talks on set of another remake in the works: Witchboard (directed by Kevin Tenney, the man behind the original Night of the Demons).

A few years later, it looks like Witchboard is moving forward, but not with the directors I’ve heard are circling the project but with Mark Vadik (Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer) at the helm.

Vadik revealed today that he has finished the script and he will direct. “My own litmus test was to see if I thought I could bring something new to the story for a new generation of fans, and after reading the script, I think there will definitely be something for new audiences and fans of the original,” he told Dread Central. “Our story arc and characters are all akin to the original, but we are definitely not planning a straight shot-for-shot remake either. I wasn’t interested in redoing an already great movie so we do have a few surprises in this new one planned.”

No time table was given as to when he’ll begin shooting.

In the original, a Ouija board raises hell for vixen Tawny Kitaen.

Source: Dread Central


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