A Title Revealed for Dimension’s Hellraiser Game


Available for download later this year

Last Friday, iPad and iPhone owners were able to buy and download the first of many games to be based on properties owned by The Weinstein Company/Dimension Films.

The game, based on Scream 4, has players running around various environments as Ghost Face, killing a variety of teenagers.

The next project in the works at TWC is going to be released later this year and based on the Hellraiser series. According to a recent Variety article, the game is entitled Angry Pinheads – presumably it takes its cue from the wildly popular Angry Birds game.

No gameplay details were revealed, however, as they come in, we’ll keep you posted! Dimension currently has a Hellraiser remake in the works with director Patrick Lussier and writer Todd Farmer and it will soon release Hellraiser: Revelations (review) direct-to-DVD.

Source: Variety