Rob Zombie on Salem, Blob Remake

One of his bleakest films yet

Since Rob Zombie landed on UK soil, press outlets across the pond have lit up with fresh interviews with the rocker/filmmaker. That means, of course, more talk about Lords of Salem.

Much of what he’s been say has already been reported before, but Empire managed to squeeze a few more details out of him. What we know about Lords is that it’s about ancient witches wreaking havoc on modern day Salem. Zombie elaborated: “There were twenty people that everyone knows about – obviously all innocent – executed as witches in Salem. The basic premise of the film is that there were a further four who actually were witches, who were killed secretly, and vowed one day to return to wreak havoc on Salem’s descendants. That’s when the movie jumps ahead to the present day and things start to go wrong…”

Shooting is expected to begin April 18 with a release planned for late-2011 or early 2012. He went on to tell Empire, “Lords of Salem is probably the bleakest of all my films. It’s only gonna get worse!”

As for other projects, he says he backed away from redoing The Blob (a film he was attached to around the time Halloween II opened), because he didn’t want to do another remake. Tyrannosaurus Rex is another project he’d still like to do as well.

For the full interview, follow this link.

Source: Empire


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