Williamson Comments on Scream 4, Sort Of


Silent writer on new generation of horror

The only way to catch Kevin Williamson to talk anything Scream 4 these days is to work in a conversation about his hit television series The Vampire Diaries.

Collider caught up to the busy writer and got him to comment on the fourth chapter. Actually, it’s less about the film and more about horror films for a new generation of young horror fans.

“We haven’t had a lot of straight-ahead slasher flicks in this generation. We’re not really doing the teenager horror film right now, so maybe it’s time. I don’t see a lot of them coming out, and the ones that have come out haven’t been that successful.”

I think that’s a definite nod to 2009’s Sorority Row which opened and failed. Who knows how The Roommate will do when it opens February 4.

Williamson has been incredibly quiet since Scream 4 rolled cameras last year. There are many theories why. Many say he isn’t pleased the Weinsteins pulled Ehren Kruger back in to do rewrites. Time will tell if he winds up doing press when the film opens on April 15.

Source: Collider