On the Horror Market: Good Samaritan, Forgotten Man


Final Destination scribe returns

At any given time there are tons of horror scripts circulating in Hollywood waiting for a home. And lately, in the journalism game, it has become fashionable to get the word out about some of these scripts – even though they might not ever get bought or even made. Regardless, I find it fascinating to see what’s out there, especially in a climate where familiarity sells (remakes) and sequels remain profitable. So, welcome to “On the Horror Market” – an occasional column where we’ll look at what’s out there.

Here are two for you this week…

Jeffrey Reddick of Final Destination (that’s the first one, to you) has Good Samaritan looking for a home. Inspired by true events, it tells of a beloved philanthropist who is brutally murdered while several witnesses fail to intervene. Amidst the public backlash, the “bad samaritans” suffer mysterious deaths.

Meanwhile, Max Burnett is mixing (so the logline says) I Am Legend and Avatar for The Forgotten Man. In 2067 the world faces an onslaught of irreversible evils leading the human population to an inevitable extinction. Moments before the death of his wife and son, a scientist promises to search the universe for a new planetary home to continue what’s left of the human race. 337 years later our hero returns to Earth to find a civilization altered beyond his worst nightmares and unwelcoming to his promise of hope.

Burnett penned episodes of The Troop on Nickelodeon.

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Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor

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