Elwes, Mandylor, Russell & Greutert on Saw 3D

“A lot of limbs flying at you!”

Twisted Pictures has made the Saw franchise a Halloween tradition. For six years, beginning in 2004, audiences have watched with astounding fear as each new Saw movie was unleashed in theaters. However, this next chapter for the Saw franchise will be the last. Saw 3D completes the work of Jigsaw, a maniacal madman who has been torturing his morally flawed victims utilizing deadly games and tests. The final Saw chapter promises to end the series on a high note with fans and hopefully, give closure to those who have been faithful to the series from the start.

While at this year’s New York Comic-Con, director Kevin Greutert and stars Cary Elwes, Costas Mandylor and Betsy Russell had a chance to sit down with Shock to discuss the fans, the horror and the legacy of Saw.

Greutert returns to the Saw franchise that has seen diminished box office returns. Once in line to direct Paranormal Activity 2, Greutert had a stipulation in his contract with Twisted Pictures that was exercised and had him back in the Saw fold two weeks before the principle shooting began on Saw 3D.

The rumor and the element of 3D being seen as a gimmick might cause worry to theater going audiences, but Greutert sees it differently. “Well, for one thing, this film was actually shot in 3D. We didn’t do a post-conversion like a lot of the other films that have come out lately. I think that shooting in 3D makes all the difference in the world so that it looks that much better. [Saw 3D]was shot with state-of-the-art cameras that are a lot more lightweight than any previous 3D film, so that we are able to preserve the Saw style with doing lots of stuff handheld and keeping the camera moving around a lot, very dynamic. Because the technology is advancing so quickly, we are able to take advantage on all aspects.” He adds, “Even if it is not an in-your-face moment where stuff was flying at the camera, we still wanted it to look as rich and full of space as possible.”

Greutert went on to say, “3D was probably the very first decision made on the film. I had hoped even before we made Saw V to direct Saw VI in 3D but I wasn’t able to make that work. By the time Saw VII came along, now there is enough infrastructures in terms of theaters that are equipped with 3D equipment to go forth. No one ever thought twice of doing it in 3D. I don’t know how much it actually plays into the story. There is a bit of self reference in the movie, which is the first Saw scene that takes place in broad daylight with a big crowd watching one of Jigsaw’s contraptions at play. I think there is a little bit of an explicit message about horror audiences watching voyeuristically. 3D I think takes that to another level.”

The Saw 3D production plans to take the film to another level by bringing back everyone’s favorite, Doctor Gordon; the self-mutilating, foot-amputating character played by Cary Elwes. Thus, book-ending the series with his presence. While Elwes couldn’t detail much about his part for this final Saw chapter, he is humbled by the fans commitment to the series. “Well, the reason I am really here, is because of the fans. They are the ones who campaigned heavily to bring Doctor Gordon back. They got involved with writing to the studio and emailing in the blog-o-sphere and chats. So I really have them to thank.” Elwes then joked, “I know Shaq sawed off the wrong foot, right? Anyone who sawed his leg off with a rusty hacksaw would not really get very far!”

Elwes revealed he was a fan of “Hammer Horror” as a kid in England, and was a bit fearful when talking about the Saw 3D movie. “I mean, there is a lot of limbs flying at you. It is really intense. This film, I saw it a couple of weeks ago and it is without a doubt, the most graphically violent movie I have ever seen! I mean, hands down it is relentless. I mean, I think there was one point I was laughing hysterical. It was so unbelievably intense. It is not a film I want to sit through a second time. I mean, you are laughing out of fear. You can’t believe this sort of thing is taking place in front of your eyes!”

Dishing out this fear is Saw 3D‘s character Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor). When we last saw the Jigsaw apprentice Hoffman in Saw VI, he just narrowly passed a test the original Jigsaw killer bequeathed to his widow, Jill Tuck (Betsy Russell). Although successful passing the test, Hoffman was left forever physically changed with a massive facial wound. Mandylor noted, “I think spending time with Tobin [Bell] and seeing how committed he was to keeping a certain standard, not let the fans down, was really important to him. So I wasn’t just going into my gig, doing my thing and then leaving. I actually paid attention.”

He continued, “These guys pay attention to detail. I think that is apart of the magic. It’s clever and people want to put the clues together, I think everyone knows this and we are trying to be responsible to them, to not let them down.”

Betsy Russell then finished with these words: “These fans get it. They get that Saw has a heart and a soul. They get the message behind Saw. To appreciate your life, be grateful for every moment, make the best choices that you can and forgiveness. You can take away from Saw what ever you want to take away from it. But subconsciously, there is a message. It’s like, think about it before you choose to go steal that or rip these people off or run those people over and be a hit and run driver. Think about it. Jigsaw could be after you!”

Saw 3D opens this Friday, October 29.

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