Update: Adrien Brody Doesn’t Want You to See Giallo

Actor wins lawsuit to block film

Update: It appears Adrien Brody has won.

After a long wait, Dario Argento’s Giallo is coming to DVD tomorrow.

But if Adrien Brody had his way, that wouldn’t be happening. The Hollywood Reporter is saying that the actor has sued to stop its distribution. What good that will do is unknown considering most stores, press and rental outfits have all received their copies.

Brody’s lawsuit says the actor signed a “pay or play” deal and he threatened to walk off of the set when he discovered the production was underfunded and that his payment didn’t receive when he was supposed to have it. According to his lawsuit, the producers told him more funds were coming in and that he would have his payment. Until that time, he was granted the “absolute right to withhold consent to the use of his likeness in the Picture.”

Well, Brody says he never got the money at all.

Source: THR


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