Del Toro’s Got Some Madness to Lay on Perlman


Who would the actor play in the Lovecraft film?

While fans speculate as to who Guillermo del Toro will cast in At the Mountains of Madness, the writer-director can assure you of one thing:

“All I can tell you is if Ron Perlman is free, he will be in,” he tells MTV. “I wrote a part for him. He read it and if everything falls in place, Ron Perlman has a role in it written specifically for him.”

The actor continues to enjoy his run on Sons of Anarchy. If Perlman makes time for del Toro, he’ll play “Larson, the sort of dog guy, the guy that cares for the dogs and the sled — the part of the expedition that is dog sleds,” del Toro added. “It’s a fantastic character. I really love him. He’s sort of a pragmatic guy, doesn’t care about science or the mythology or the cosmology. He just is a hard-boiled Nordic man, and it is written specifically for him.”

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Source: MTV