More Casting News for Mary Harron’s Moth Diaries

Strangers‘ Scott Speedman to star

Some slight delays have occurred on The Moth Diaries. In early 2009, Scott Speedman and Lily Cole were attached to the Mary Harron-directed supernatural thriller. But it seems the project went cold when shooting didn’t take place in the summer of 2009 as expected.

Nevertheless, it looks like things are back on again. Speedman and Cole are still on board and they’re now being joined by Sarah Gadon and Sarah Bolger. Harron, if you recall, also directed American Psycho.

Principal photography is taking place in Montreal and the story is an adaptation of Rachel Klein’s novel.

According to THR, “Bolger is to play a young girl in an elite boarding school who befriends two fellow students, played by Gadon and Cole, while developing a crush on her English professor (Speedman).”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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