Why a Hellraiser and Not a Remake

Dimension’s plans are revealed

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed some details we’ve been sitting on concerning Hellraiser: Revelations we’ve had to remain tight-lipped about.

Many of you are questioning why Dimension is following through with a sequel – a direct-to-DVD follow-up, that is, the ninth in the series – and not a remake. As THR confirms, the company risked losing the rights to Hellraiser if it didn’t move on a film.

Dimension has been choosing a creative team for the remake, although sources tell us Bob Weinstein has been adamant about making it. He’s been out to a number of writers, fielding various treatments from Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, Christian E. Christiansen, Cory Goodman, Josh Stolberg and Petergoldfinger and others.

With the clock ticking and nowhere to turn remake-wise, Dimension cleared Neo Art & Logic (the team behind previous Hellraiser sequels like Hellseeker and Hellworld) to go ahead with a sequel instead.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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