Paramount’s Future: World War Z, Hansel & Gretel


A look at the priority projects

The folks at The Wrap intercepted a document that is believed to have come internally from Paramount, but the studio’s reps are denying it. Regardless, it’s a breakdown of all of their projects that are on the table. What works. What doesn’t. What’s close to shooting. And there’s some revealing information inside.

Without a doubt, World War Z is picking up steam finally. According to the document, execs love the new draft by Matt Carnahan. The film is listed as a “priority.” Brad Pitt will star, as previously reported.

Hansel & Gretel is another film at the studio that has been on our radar. It’s going to be directed by Tommy Wirkola, the man behind Dead Snow. The listing for this one has dropped the “Witch Hunters” subtitle (it was supposed to be Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters). We’ll see if that holds. The document says casting talks have begun and production will begin later this year.

If that happens, it’ll put Dead Snow 2 on hold. Hansel & Gretel is also listed as a priority and “on deck.”

Under the “in development” column is the just announced 7 Minutes in Heaven film.

Source: The Wrap