Hollywood Continues to Rip Off PMAC with Zombies vs. Vampires

Second cop-fueled series purchased

It’s a battle of the network zombie shows, and neither one is going to recognize the indie short film and comic book series P.M.A.C.: When Zombies Attack.

The latest Hollywood deal comes from NBC, says Deadline, who purchased Austin Winsberg’s Zombies vs. Vampires. The potential series follow two cops living in a society where zombies are part of society and commit zombie crimes. One of the officers is secretly a vampire.

Earlier this week, SyFy announced Zeros. A similar premise. That one concerned an extermination squad that combs cities for potential zombie problems.

So, what the hell is P.M.A.C.: When Zombies Attack? It was a series that kicked off this whole COPS meets the undead formula. Matt Rose and Chad Waters created the property which spawned two short films, puppets and comic books.

Source: Deadline


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