Monsterpocalypse to Come About in 2012


More details on the Tim Burton film

Producer Roy Lee did some talking about Monsterpocalypse, the film adaptation of the board game (makes you shudder, doesn’t it?) which concerns giant monsters attacking Earth.

Lee tells /Film that writer John August is working on the script and game creator Matt Wilson is on board as a consultant.

The plot apparently concerns a horde of gargantuan monsters who pummel the human race. The humans fight back, driving the monsters into hiding. While we wait for these creatures to counter-attack, the humans build giant robots. A robots and monster melee ensues.

The end.

Visual effects designer Ken Ralston has been called in to design the robots and creatures. His credits include the Star Wars trilogy, Dragonslayer and more.

We may see the film hit the screen in 2012…the same time Legendary brings us their reboot of the Godzilla franchise.

Source: /Film