New Behind-the-Scenes Pic from Walking Dead


Frank’s playin’ with a big tank

Production designer Greg Melton is the focus of AMC’s latest blog entry concerning The Walking Dead. In addition to the behind-the-scenes pic below, there’s a full interview with Melton. Here’s a snippet:

Q: What goes into making Atlanta look like it’s been through an apocalypse?

A: The challenge is, again, to find areas that we own. We’re setting up an abandoned city, so we needed to find areas of downtown that we could shut down over a weekend. I was looking just to keep it tight, so that it was hard to see around corners and know what’s coming ahead of you. And then from there, it was just trying to build some backstories to what happened there: The concept was that a section of Atlanta had become a Green Zone where the military could protect a certain square-block area. And basically the thought is that Rick approaches this military checkpoint that’s been overrun. We had lots of abandoned cars with luggage or doors open, like people had come, tried to get in; some people had tried to run the blockade, we had some burnt, turned over cars.

Source: AMC