Indie Watch: These Are the Tortures of the Damned


Six girls, four demons, Halloween night

Writer-director Damien Leone is at work on the indie feature Tortures of the Damned, shooting now in New York.

Anna Maliere, Robyn Kemp, Jennifer Sterger, Sylvia Wardaszka, Adriana Farino and Darja Schabad star in the story of a young woman named Casey who heads out for a night of fun with her friend on Halloween night.

During the course of the evening, Casey and 6 other girls are drugged and taken to an underground lair. As the girls awaken, they find themselves in a seemingly endless maze with no way out. What each one of them doesn’t know is that they are about to become prey in the deadliest game of cat and mouse as 4 demons begin to hunt and slaughter them one at a time. Casey soon realizes that if she has any chance of making it out alive, she must become as savage as her demonic captors.

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Source: Shock Till You Drop