For Now, the New Riddick Film is Called…


And here’s a script review!

A script is floating out there, written by David Twohy, called The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking and it’s reportedly the long-mooted next chapter in the Riddick series.

After the second film – a follow-up to Pitch Black – it’d probably be best to drop the “Chronicles of Riddick” banner, since I don’t think anyone gives a damn. “Dead Man Stalking”? Eh, doesn’t work either. The key to getting Riddick back on the scene is to sneak up on the audience with the third film – which is supposedly not bad based on this script review. You have to take people off guard, much like Twohy did with Pitch Black – a film, by all accounts, that looked like SyFy fare when it was advertised and turned out to transcend the creature feature genre while introducing a cool anti-hero.

So please, don’t call it “Chronicles of…” anything. Find something new. Unique. Too many people got burned by watching that last entry.

Oh, and click on that script review link – you’ll find plot details!

Source: Corona Coming Attractions