Patrick Lussier Weighs in on Halloween 3D


Where was the story going to go?

From the set of his violent thriller Drive Angry, director Patrick Lussier told MTV that Halloween 3D, the sequel he was going to do for Dimension Films, may or may not happen with him involved once Angry is complete.

He says it all depends on the company and timing. Doesn’t exactly sound hopeful, especially considering we have heard Dimension is looking at other writers and directors to take on the project. But what of Lussier’s vision? Well, he developed the story with writer Todd Farmer.

“The film that we wrote took place, like, the next frame after Rob’s ‘Halloween II’ ended and immediately went into stripping Michael Myers back to his John Carpenter roots,” Lussier tells MTV. “That’s what we did very quickly. And then you pick up the story a year later as Halloween rolls around again. Everybody’s back in the fray. That was our goal.”

Source: MTV