Kidnappers Meet Monster in Rites of Spring


Director Reynolds finds talented designer

Filmmaker to watch Padraig Reynolds is apparently ready to step behind the camera for Rites of Spring, a title that hasn’t appeared here on Shock since we mentioned it back in 2008.

According to the Mississippi news outlet, McHerald, principal photography begins in the Canton area on April 12. In that aforementioned report, Spring was said to be about “a father, intent on avenging his murdered son, crosses paths with a serial killer targeting teens.”

Things have changed as McHerald reports the film is now a creature feature about a group of kidnappers waiting for their ransom money only to “discover a horrific secret that comes alive every spring.”

Aaron Sims designed the film’s monster; his credits include The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, I Am Legend, The Hills Have Eyes 2 and more. Reynolds, meanwhile, previously directed the short film The Election with Ray Wise and Lin Shaye.

The filmmakers hope to have Rites of Spring in theaters on March 22, 2011…the first day of spring.

Source: McHerald