Excitement Fuels Lussier, Cage on Drive Angry


This 3D is the real deal

One of next year’s thrillers that we’re looking forward to is the high-octane, cult-fueled Drive Angry, directed by Patrick Lussier and starring Nicolas Cage. Shooting is now taking place and in an MTV interview Lussier explains why shooting 3D is important (as opposed to doing the process in post-production). He also teases at a scene everyone is excited to do:

“We have this great car chase with Nic’s character chasing after Amber Heard’s character, who’s in the middle of a fight inside this RV. You’re in this claustrophobic space, and suddenly you’re outside with Nic in hot pursuit. There’s all sorts of gunplay on the road. It’s spectacular. We shoot that next week.”

William Fichtner, David Morse, Billy Burke and Tom Atkins round out the cast. What’s the film about? We’ve got the full synopsis right here!

Source: MTV